Cyber security is everyone’s responsibility. Our “wired” world is opening up new, exciting opportunities and complex security challenges. Successfully navigating today’s digital landscape will help us build a more secure tomorrow.

Have you faced a cyber incident? Are you and your institution ready to face the security challenges of today’s wired world? 

Today, cyber security requires the tools and skills to respond to evolving threats. The online medium has created a multitude of opportunities, but we must also analyze current and potential cyber security challenges. Cyber security today is not one single problem, but a problematique – a collection of challenges, none of which can be resolved in isolation.

Cyber Security is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.

― Malcolm X

Our highly interactive flagship cyber security course in Geneva (and now available online) can help organizations, institutions and governments meet these modern challenges and minimize their impact. By examining social and political responses to cyber security challenges in conjunction with technical solutions, this course can equip you with the tools needed to face the cyber security problematique.

How to improve knowledge skills

 Strong analytical skills and an eye for detail are essential for spotting trends in data and maintaining a strong awareness of potential or upcoming risks and cyber-attacks. Knowledge and training must be kept up-to-date on issues relating to computer privacy, confidentiality and other laws surrounding the access management and the protection of data, information and software.  Finally, you must have a keen interest in technology and information security.

The positive power of education

Cyber security is the application of processes and controls to technology with the aim of protecting systems, networks, software, hardware, programmers, devices and data from cyber-attacks. Cyber security reduces security risks to different technological infrastructures, offering protection against the exploitation of malicious actors.

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